Who We Are

We are a church filled with people who have a common goal: to encourage one another to model our lives after Jesus. We want to have His passion for obeying God and His compassion for all people.

We believe God loves people deeply, and He wants them to experience life free of the emotions that so often control us, such as fear, anxiety, anger, and pride. He empowers us to overcome these all-too-common emotions by giving us a promise: He loves us.
And when we believe God loves us, we change. We learn our purpose for being here, and understand God has plans for us.

We want to learn what God says (by reading the Bible and praying), to love people the way God tells us to (deliberately and consistently), and to live God's way instead of being our own boss (by choosing to change our minds if we disagree with God's word). Because when we do, we see God transform people.

And then they become part of God's community... and they learn... and they love... and they live differently. And then they see God transform other people.

That's what we're about at the Center. We're not about religion. We're not about rules and expectations. We're about learning how to live together the way God intended. And then introducing other people to the God who loves them.

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