Service Times

    Sunday mornings at Union Center are about gathering as family to worship God.

    We gather to worship at 10:00 a.m.

    Adults and Youth gather together in our sanctuary to worship God through music, prayer, teaching and reading of Scripture, and fellowship. We believe worship is meant to involve our whole body and not just our mind. Therefore, you will find that we regularly engage our whole body as we worship. This might involve moving to pray over and with one another, raising our hands in praise, bodily engaging in communion, or even turning to discuss an idea with one another in the middle of a sermon. Really!

    Children (birth through Fifth grade) gather to worship in a ministry called Shepherd’s Town. We seek to lead our children to worship with their whole bodies in song, engaging teaching experiences, and small group exercises. About once a quarter we invite parents to tag along and experience what their children experience every Sunday in something called the Family Experience.