What We Believe

God offers each of us the gift of forgiveness, acceptance, and peace.

People try to come up with all sorts of ways to try to earn God’s gift—we try to be “good;” we donate money; we even try to be spiritual and religious. But God isn’t looking for people who are willing to alter their behavior; He’s looking for people who are willing to let Him transform their lives.

God says that on our own we can’t possibly be good enough or perform well enough to earn His acceptance. He says that we deserve death for our sin.

Years ago, God accepted the death of a lamb as the payment for mankind’s sin. But a lamb was only a temporary solution, so every year a priest sacrificed another lamb to pay off the debt of people’s sin. It’s similar to a very large loan that never gets paid off … we make minimum payments, but the huge debt is still there.

The debt remained there until the Perfect Lamb of God was willingly sacrificed. Jesus, the Lamb of God, left heaven, lived a perfect, sinless life on earth, and then He was crucified on a cross. His death paid off the debt we owe God for our sin.

The good news is that Jesus didn’t stay dead. He showed His power and authority over death when He walked out of the tomb three days later. And when He conquered death, He wrote “paid in full” on our spiritual debt.

When we accept in faith that Jesus died to pay off our debt, we become God’s children. Jesus meets God’s demand of a life without sin and releases us from the impossible challenge of trying to earn God’s favor.

And He gives us a new life that isn’t bound anymore by death, hatred, anger, pride, or rebellion. Because of Jesus, God accepts us and forgives our sin. We are at peace with God.

Every one of us sins and fails to meet God’s standards. We don't deserve God's acceptance, forgiveness or peace. But God gives us the gift of Jesus.

His gift is available to anyone who believes it and accepts it.

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