Sunday Small Group: Sundays at 10:45 a.m. from April 17th to May 22nd

Small Groups

We need community that helps us to follow Christ! If no one is personally helping you follow Christ, prioritize this experience. Come and engage with people who are wanting to be honest, engage with God, and learn to care for others where they are at. New folks are welcome each week! Each week we will connect and discuss the sermon from that morning to discover what God was doing in us, what questions we had, and to be encouraged by God’s work in others.

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On Mission: Sunday, May 15th at 10:45 a.m.

On Mission

Our God is on mission, moving to restore all things to what he intended in the beginning. This is the story of the Gospel, a story of God's glory and how we and all of creation are being invited and moved back to the experience of that glory. As we become part of this movement of restoration through Christ, we become part of a grand movement of God, not just as a recipient but also as a participant. God invites us to join him in what he is doing, and he is doing great things. Many of these great things are in our own backyard.

We invite you to join us for our next installment of On Mission, a quarterly experience geared to help us understand what God is doing and how he might be inviting us personally and corporately to join him. In this On Mission, we will be discussion what God is doing in the town of Maine and how he is inviting us to join him in a outreach oriented Vacation Bible School, hosted in Town Park.

Don’t let the mention of VBS fool you. This is no ordinary VBS, and this is no ordinary movement of God. Join us in Main Street at 10:45 am for a coffee and a time of discovery, celebration, and invitation.

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Praying For Our Community: Sunday, May 15th at 5:00 p.m.

On Mission

If we want to turn the world upside down, we must engage it with love. Engaging the world is difficult. Engaging with love seems almost impossible. We would rather just send our money and let someone else do it. So many of us have been hurt and wounded by our world, and we have found that it is less than receptive to our overtures. Jonah knew this first hand, but God called him to engage his world anyway. When he finally showed up and spoke up, it wasn't with love. He spoke truth, minus the love. In his conversation with God afterward, he learned that showing up and speaking up is not enough. You have to care about the people you are reaching. The same is true today. If we are to be part of God’s gospel revolution of love, we must do more than show up and speak up. Real love cares. It shows up and demonstrates care for the well-being and future of those it is reaching.

On Sunday, May 15th, we will be taking a step to engage the world around us. . .in love. We will be showing up, demonstrating that we care for the well-being and future of those around us through prayer. At 5 pm we will gather at Union Center and divide up into groups that will pray over portions of our community, seeking its well-being. Join us as we take this step of love, a step toward seeing God turn our world upside down.

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Prayer Retreat: Saturday, May 21st, 9:00AM - 3:00PM at Sky Lake Retreat Center, Windsor, NY

Prayer Retreat

Life is a flurry of activities - and leads us to ignore the state of our hearts, and the invitations of God.

On this retreat we want to provide space and direction that will help you slow down and learn to hear and receive the good things that God wants to offer to you. God loves you and is with you! Would you like to discover how true that is?

Register at the Resource Center with a $5.00 charge for lunch.

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WalkFit: Thursdays at 6:30 p.m.

Every Body Matters Zumba Class

It’s not always easy to get motivated on your own – we get it! We want to help you Walkfit. Join us in room 131 A for a one hour “walk” workout. All are welcome to join us.

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