Family Chat: Sunday, January 20th at 5:30 p.m.

    Family Chat

    Life is best shared around the table. Somehow, around the table, we are able to be ourselves, to be present with one another, recognizing and celebrating the deep connections we have as family. Perhaps it was for this reason, among others, that Jesus used the example of the table as a centerpoint for our Christian journey. It is to a single table that we regularly gather to remember and celebrate the life we have with and from him. It is around a table where we will one day celebrate the full experience of that life. The table is important on the journey of faith, not just as a reminder, but as a practice.

    At Union Center, the table is central to how we live out our faith. On a regular basis, we gather around our Lord’s table to remember and celebrate. We believe in the importance and significance in gathering around this table, but this is not the only table around which we gather. We also regularly gather around the dinner table. We do this in our homes with one another, and we do this in larger gatherings called Family Chats. At our Family Chats, we gather around the dinner table to share and celebrate the life we have together as fellow travelers on the journey of faith. Simply put, we gather around the table because we are family. We laugh. We cry. We share. We pray. We do this and so much more around the table at our Family Chats. The result is we are a deeper, more closely united family.

    On January 20th, we are gathering once more around the table for a Family Chat. As we gather, we will share and connect, but we will also look forward. This coming Summer, we will be going on a wonderful journey together, a journey called Sabbatical. Taking a Sabbatical is choosing to live by a rhythm of work and rest, but it is a rhythm which involves all of us. Therefore, at our Family Chat, we will be discussing the nature of living by this rhythm and what the experience will entail as we lean into the life to which God has called us together.

    Dinner will be provided. Please bring a dessert to share.

    Guided Retreat about Identity in Christ: Saturday, February 2nd from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

    Prayer Retreat

    This will be an experience to help you experience more freedom in life, and more of God’s presence and love. Come and identify some of the value that God has made you with, and continues to shape your life towards. Taking place here at the church on February 2nd from 9am to 3pm, with lunch included, if you register. Register at Resource Center and contribute $5 for the lunch.

    Good and Beautiful Life Class: Sundays, February 10th-April 7th 10:45 a.m.-12:00 p.m. in Room 130

    The Good And Beautiful Life Book by Smith

    Join us for this 9-week class to learn from Jesus how to live well. In community, we will grow through helpful information, training experiences, and gracious support. Sign up at the Resource Center. Starting Feb. 10, at 10:45 AM, in Room 130.

    For more information, contact Pastor Bill at

    Life Gatherings: February, March, April

    Connect Event

    Through faith in Jesus, we have been made into a family. Let's learn to live into the unity and connection God has provided!

    Connect with others from Union Center over a monthly meal! Sign up at the Resource Center to participate in a group from February - April.

    These monthly meals are times to connect and get to know others in simple and informal ways. However, connecting with others will benefit more than those times together, you will transform your Sunday experience by connecting with people in this way.

    Sign up today, and step towards the life in His family that He wants for you!