On Mission: Trunk or Treat, Friday, October 27th from 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.

    On Mission

    Being on mission means joining with God where he is at work to accomplish his Kingdom purposes. At Union Center, we are joining with God as he is at work in the town of Maine, but what does this look like? For us, this looks like making it possible for people to experience Jesus through us. We become his hands and his feet. We speak his words and represent his presence. As we are on mission with God, people experience Jesus through us.

    We invite you to join us in being on mission by allowing people to experience Jesus through you at the town of Maine's Fall Festival on Friday, October 27. We have been invited, once more, to host the Trunk or Treat portion of this event in conjunction with Most Holy Rosary and Most Holy Family. We have been asked to provide candy, twenty trunks, and volunteers to man these trunks. Would you consider joining us so that at each trunk the children of Maine and their parents might experience Jesus at each and every trunk, that they might hear his words and experience his love?

    You can join us on mission by signing up to volunteer at the Fall Festival by emailing Theresa at Or you can bring bags of candy and place them in the blue barrel at the Shepherd’s Town Check-in.

    Operation Maine Memorial

    Operation Maine Memorial

    Our God is on mission. At Union Center, we seek to join God in what he is doing, where he is doing it. God is working in and through Maine Memorial Elementary. Therefore, we seek to join him there, showing up to be his hands, his feet, his presence so that people might experience the love and grace of God through us.

    In this season, showing up to join God involves the filling of shoeboxes and delivering them on a day that we play board games in every classroom for 30-45 minutes. Our showing up with gifts not only provides much needed items such as books, hats, and gloves, but helps students to experience the generosity of God. Our spending of personal time with every student not only provides an opportunity to build important social and thinking skills but helps students to experience the loving attention of God. Our showing up helps the children of Maine Memorial know that God is real and that he sees and reaches out to them.

    We invite you to join us on mission during this season. You can pick up a box(es) starting Sunday, November 26 and begin filling it making use of the Scholastic Book Fair which will open the same day. You can also sign up to be part of God’s presence on the week of December 18. For more information, please email us at