Membership Class: Sunday, May 20th and June 3rd at 10:45 a.m.

    Membership Class

    Join Pastor Bill to discover how you and Union Center fit into God’s story. Be encouraged by reminders of how God has revealed who He is in the Bible, the history of our church family, and your own story. Discover how God is inviting you towards letting His kingdom expand in your life. And identify what next step God is inviting you into as he weaves your life into His family here at Union Center.

    Be built up in Christ through this 2-class experience, on May 20th and June 3rd. This will meet at 10:45AM, during the 2nd service, in Room 130.

    Register at the Resource Center, or by e-mailing

    Operation Maine Memorial (Spring Edition): Wednesday, May 23rd

    Operation Maine Memorial

    Our God is a God who is on mission. At Union Center, we seek to join him in what he is doing because he has invited us to do so. Jesus himself invited us to join the Father in what he was doing as he handed off his mission to us, the Church becoming his body, his hands, his feet, speaking his words in the world (John 20.21). While God is doing things at the furthest corners of the globe, he is also doing things right around the corner. What we have noticed is that God is doing something in the community of Maine, specifically in Maine Memorial Elementary. What he is doing has begun with the opportunity to be the loving presence of God in that school, a presence which shows that God sees and cares for the present and future of both the staff and the students. Our joining with God in what he is doing has become a movement in Union Center called Operation Maine Memorial. We invite you to join us for the “Spring Edition” of Operation Maine Memorial as we play board games and host a book fair on Wednesday, May 23. It is in the trips along the Candyland trail and riding the Chutes and Ladders with the students that God himself shows up, becomes physically present to the students through us. It is through the opportunity to choose a free book from a Scholastic Book Fair, something made possible by your gifts, that God’s generosity and provision becomes real. It is in our lunch conversations with staff and teachers that God’s investment is made. To be part of Operation Maine Memorial, we invite you to visit the Resource Center or the Book Tree in Main Street before Sunday, May 20.

    Campfire: Friday, June 8th at 6:00 p.m.

    Campfire Event

    Campfires are about connecting. There is something about a campfire that can’t be recreated. Somehow, gathering around the fire creates an experience where we can share our lives with others, connecting deeply as we discover the ways God is moving in each of us. This is why we regularly gather around the campfire, a way which helps us practice being family.

    We invite you to join us around the campfire starting at 6 p.m. on Friday, June 8th. Bring a lawn chair, a blanket, and maybe some lawn games. We will be eating hot dogs and s’mores.

    For more information, please contact us at

    Life Gatherings: June, July, August

    Connect Event

    This summer, experience more of the presence of Christ among us! Participate in Life Gatherings.

    Life Gatherings are shared monthly meals, with folks in your area, for a 3-month season (June, July, August). They are monthly opportunities to have fun together, share and experience encouragement, and benefit from the manifestation of Christ among us...the Church!

    Sign-up for your summer Life Gatherings today! You will be partnered with others in your area, and then your Gathering’s host will be in contact with the times and places of your meals.

    To sign up, email Pastor Bill at