Operation Maine Memorial (Spring Edition): Thursday, May 29th

    Operation Maine Memorial

    As he moved about in his ministry, Jesus made people whole through his touch and presence. As the physical presence of Christ in our world, we make people whole in the same manner, through our touch and presence. As we move through life individually, it is our touch and presence which mend divides and bring healing to lives. In the same manner, as we move through life together, it is our touch and presence which matter most. Operation Maine Memorial is one of the many ways we move together, extending the presence and touch of Christ so other might be made whole. Therefore, we invite you to join us for Operation Maine Memorial Spring Edition. We are raising funds to host a Scholastic Book Fair and asking for volunteers to help host a literacy event on Thursday, May 29th. A giving tree for donations and sign up list may be found at the On Mission Wall.

    Shepherd's Town Summer Schedule: June 2nd - September 1st

    Shepherds Town Image

    Shepherd’s Town will be following a summer schedule from June 2nd through September 1st. We will have full Shepherd’s Town, Nursery – 5th grade, first service only. During second service, there will be child care only for Nursery – Preschool. In order to give our teachers a much-needed break, we are asking parents to sign up to volunteer during second service. Sign-up sheets are at the Resource Center, Shepherd’s Town check-in desk, nursery, and preschool and toddler rooms. Thank you for serving! Have a great summer!

    The Shoppe: Sundays, June 9th, 16th, 23rd

    Shopping cart

    55 Alive is championing a pilot experience to help us follow Christ to live out his life of generosity with each other this season. On June 9, 16, and 23 they will help us meet each other’s needs through a room designed to help you share items, offer help, and let others be generous in areas where you have need.

    To live out this experience of generosity we need to help in 2 ways:

    1. assistance to prepare and host The Shoppe
    2. donations that are clean and in good condition

    May 12 - June 2, stop by The Shoppe display in Main Street to sign up to assist with The Shoppe, fill out a Need or Generosity card, or donate only these specific items: Infant, toddler, and children’s clothes up to size 12; household appliances or furniture (bring a picture to display for large items); or summer sports equipment.

    June 9, 16, 23, stop by The Shoppe to both extend and receive God's generosity through His people. After the service, go into The Shoppe, get a beverage and a snack and look at the provisions and opportunities for generosity among God’s family here at Union Center.