Baptism Orientation: Sunday, July 29th after each service.

    Baptism Orientation

    Our first major step of obedience when following Jesus is to get baptized.

    If you are beginning to follow Jesus, or have been following but haven’t yet obeyed him in this step, consider the command of Jesus in Matthew 28, and the pattern that the early church lived out in Acts 1-2.

    Then, plan to go to a Baptism Orientation on July 29th, at the Next Step Desk! A short Baptism Orientation will take place after each service that day. And a two-Sunday class will follow to help prep for baptism and the continued following of Jesus towards a growing love for God and others.

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    Summer Celebration: Sunday, August 19th at 10:00 a.m.

    Campfire Event

    As the people of God, we are family, one family in and through Christ. However, between our busy lives and the different times of corporate worship, we miss connecting with one another as family. We miss rehearsing God’s story together. We miss sharing and celebrating how God is moving in our lives. We miss knowing those who have become part of this family of faith. So, periodically, we intentionally set aside time to come together as one large family. We might think of these times like family reunions, a time to come together, reconnect, and share our lives with one another.

    On Sunday, August 19th, we will be coming together as one large family for these purposes. We will begin by gathering to worship as a single family at 10 a.m. in the Sanctuary. Then, we will move to share a meal together under the Pavilion. Times like these are important in the life of a congregation. We encourage you to join us and experience the God-intended joy and goodness of being family together.

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