Operation Maine Memorial: Starting Sunday, November 11th

    Operation Maine Memorial

    As the Church, we are God’s physical presence in the world, the body of Christ (1 Corinthians 12). Through us, people experience God’s touch, receive his love, sense his presence, and hear his Kingdom invitation. Simply put, when we show up, God shows up. God wants to show up everywhere, even in places where people might not expect him or invite him, because when God shows up, his Kingdom expands. This is why Jesus sent us to the ends of the Earth (Matthew 28.18-20), so his presence might reach and fill every nation, every city, every home. However, in our reaching to the nations, we cannot overlook our own backyard. God wants to show up here too. For this to take place, we can’t just huddle and pray God would make himself known to our neighbors. Remember. God shows up when we show up. So, if God wants to reach our neighbors, we must reach our neighbors, and this begins by taking the step of showing up!

    At Union Center, we take regular, intentional steps to show up, to bring God’s presence to our neighbors so they might experience his presence, love, and Kingdom invitation through us. During this time of year, these steps look like Operation Maine Memorial. Starting November 11th, we will begin, once more, to assemble shoe boxes which we will fill and then deliver to Maine Memorial Elementary on Tuesday, December 18. However, we are not showing up to just drop off boxes. We are showing up to step into the classrooms on that day to play board games and eat Christmas cookies with the children and staff. Why? Because we want them to experience Jesus, our Savior who longs to express to them that they are so precious he longs to sit and play games and eat cookies with them.

    Taking this step requires each of us. There are approximately 450 students at Maine Memorial and almost 100 staff. In other words, there are more of them than us! However, when we each step forward with willing hearts to be Jesus to them, God uses us in ways we cannot imagine. We want to invite you to consider how God might be inviting you to step forward. Perhaps he is inviting you to fill a box or several boxes. Perhaps he is inviting to you be part of the group who visit the school on December 18. Perhaps he is inviting you to help assemble shoe boxes in Main Street starting November 11. Perhaps he is inviting you to be part of each of these steps. Whatever step God is inviting you to take, we encourage you to take it, for in stepping forward, Jesus steps forward, and his Kingdom grows.