Welcome to Union Center Christian Church. At Union Center, we are passionate about people experiencing a life-changing relationship with Jesus. We believe that in a relationship with Jesus, we find hope, healing, and a path forward to life as it was meant to be. You won’t find any perfect people at Union Center, but you will find a people who are in process, a people who are experiencing healing and life-change as we pursue God together. We invite you to join us in this pursuit. A great way to start is to join us as we worship God together on Sunday mornings. You will find that our times together on Sunday mornings are relaxed, encouraging, and applicable to real life. As you are ready, we are here to assist you in taking steps to a deeper, life-changing relationship with Jesus. In Jesus there is hope. In Jesus there is healing. In Jesus there is life.

A fellow traveler in life,
Blake Shipp

What can I expect?

We have two times of worship, 9:00 a.m. and 10:45 a.m..
The services last about an hour and fifteen minutes each. During the service you'll have the opportunity to worship God through engaging music, and to be encouraged through the teaching and reading of Scripture.

We also have Sunday morning programs for children and youth. Our Children’s ministry is called Shepherd’s Town and our Youth ministry on Sunday mornings is called Transport. In addition, we offer care for infants and toddlers with highly trained and screened volunteers.

Where do I go?

As you arrive and enter our front doors you will step into a large open area we call Main Street. The sanctuary will be to the left, and in the middle of Main Street you will find our Information Center where you can find the answers to specific questions, such as the location of the nursery. On your right you will find the Shepherd’s Town information center and on your left will be our Next Steps desk. 

What should I wear?

We encourage you to wear whatever you find comfortable. You may dress any way you like, but you'll find that, overall, we dress casually.

If you have further questions, please feel free contact us at 607-754-8222. If you prefer email, contact Laura Kasson at