Join The Journey

We have experienced God use the Bible to engage and interact with us, to tell us God's story, and to show us how to live with Him.

Because we have experienced the benefit of this, we invite you to experience God in this way.

We create The Journey to help people at Union Center Christian Church interact with God while reading the Bible.

The structure of The Journey:

  • Weekly - placed on the back of the bulletin so anyone can join or re-join The Journey throughout the year
  • Aligns with sermons topics - because we need more time than an hour on Sunday to interact with God about these areas of life
  • Meant to engage with God - we want more for you than just reading a book, use our tips to engage with God as you read the Bible
  • The readings will use different strategies-
    • repetition of 1 passage will help you hold onto a foundational passage of the Bible
    • reading small passages will help you focus you on one truth
    • reading longer passages will help you to see themes of God's presence and work

The Journey readings for this week.