The Gospel According to Christmas

    Christmas is a season of joy and celebration. I think we can all agree to that, but what are we celebrating? It is here that agreement begins to fade. We live in a culture saturated with the idea that Christmas is a celebration of family. Insofar as culture goes, that is good and fine. Pausing to recognize and celebrate familial bonds is a good and holy thing. The real issue comes when we become bent on forcing culture to acknowledge and celebrate what we celebrate, Christmas as a celebration of the birth of Christ. We want everyone to “put Christ” back in Christmas, but in the escalating conflict, the message our culture is hearing is that what the people of God want is a bigger party; that is, we want a family celebration with Jesus on the guest list. Needless to say, arguing for a party with one more guest on the list is a less than engaging argument. Basically, we are just bickering over whose name goes on the cake. It isn’t hard to see why our culture would respond with a less than enthusiastic “Meh.” So, we respond by hollering louder as if talking more loudly to a person who does not speak your language really makes a difference. However, in all this, slowly and surely, we are on the verge of missing the point, on the verge of losing the true wonder and joy which Christmas can bring, a wonder and joy for which our world truly longs.

    Christmas is more than a party with Jesus as the guest of honor. Christmas is good news. It is a celebration of good news. The biblical word for it is “gospel.” Christmas is nothing short of a bold declaration of the gospel, what it is and what it can do in the heart of everyone. Every Christmas season we celebrate that in a world full of bad and fake news there really is good news, a message which is worth celebrating and this good news offers a new way to experience and navigate our world for all. That is something people need and want to hear. That is something worth celebrating.

    We invite you to join us starting Sunday, December 3rd as we begin a journey to rediscover the good news, the gospel according to Christmas.

    A fellow traveler,

    Sermon Schedule
    Date Title Reference
    December 3 Christmas is Good News Isaiah 9.1-7
    December 10 No shirt. No shoes. No problem. Matthew 1.1-17; Luke 1.26-28; 2.8-14
    December 17 Life the way it used to be Matthew 1.18-25
    December 24 The Return of the King Matthew 2.1-12