Thinking More of God

    Humility. It was one of the most important aspects of the character of Christ, a character that is to be our own (Philippians 2.3-11). But, it is hard to be humble even though we know we should. We just can’t seem to humble ourselves beyond going through the motions. Why does something so central to the life of Christ prove to be so difficult for us? Perhaps, the issue is in how we have defined it. Typically, when we think about humility we envision it in terms of thinking less of ourselves. After all, humble people lower themselves. They view others as better than themselves. Didn’t Paul say something like that? So, if we have it right, when you trace this trajectory to its logical end, we are most humble when we learn how to see ourselves as worthless. I am not clear on why this would ever be a problem, for anyone.

    Paul did say that being humble involved thinking more of others than ourselves, but I am not sure he meant what we think he meant. To think less of ourselves cuts against our created nature as those who bear the beautiful image of God. So, what might humility be if it is not thinking less of ourselves? What if humility was not thinking about us at all? Is this not floating near the definition of pride? What if humility was not thinking less of ourselves but was about thinking more of God? Does not this definition work with how we were made, as valuable creatures created in God’s image, not as those who are God? What might it look like to pursue this kind of humility? Jesus said it looks like rest. Jesus presented the pursuit of humility, thinking more of God, as the life-antidote to worn out, frazzled people. Jesus offered humility as more than a way of thinking. He offered it as a way of life in an oppressive world.

    So, what might it look like to pursue this kind of humility? What does it look like to think more of God? We invite you to join us starting Sunday, February 11th as we begin a journey of discovering what it is to think more of God.

    A fellow traveler,

    Sermon Schedule
    Date Title Reference
    February 11 It’s Hard to Be Humble Matthew 11.28-30
    February 18 What? Me Worry? Matthew 11.28-30; Matthew 6.25-34
    February 25 Judge, Jury, and Executioner 1 Corinthians 4.1-6
    March 4 Stuck Proverbs 1.7