We believe that one of the first steps Jesus wants His followers to take is baptism.

  • We take this step because Jesus commanded it (Matthew 28.19-20)
  • Baptism is one of the first acts of showing our obedience to Jesus
  • Baptism is an easy way to tell others that we have chosen to become a follower of Jesus and that we have experienced His forgiveness of Sin and become new people (2 Corinthians 5.16-21)

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Who should be baptized?

We believe that everyone who begins a lifelong loving relationship with Jesus as the sole leader of his/her life should be baptized.

How can I be baptized?

Come to one of our Baptism Inquiry Sessions to learn about baptism here at Union Center. After the Inquiry Session attend our two-part Baptism at Union Center small group. In this group we help equip you to take next steps on your life-changing relationship with Jesus.

What comes next?

Baptism is only the first step of a lifelong love relationship with Jesus as the sole leader of our life. We want to help you take the next step of this journey. We do this through our program Starting Point. Starting Point is offered each Fall (September) and Winter (January) and is a short term small group experience on Sunday mornings.

Baptism Workbook