We could start by giving you a list of places you could get involved, but it's not really about just finding a place to serve... it's more about choosing a place that fits you perfectly.

We're wired so that helping other people feels good. It's satisfying. And we're given talents, skills and interests that determine what we really enjoy. You may love holding babies. Or not. So, first, examine who you are . . . and be honest about your strengths and limitations . . . then find a place to get involved that will leave you feeling energized and excited.

Read through the brief profiles, then click the link that best matches you.

You think snuggling babies is the closest thing to heaven that we experience here on earth, and you're looking to Serve on Sundays. Click here.

You love the laughter and logic of children, want to make a positive impact on kids, and want to Serve on Sundays. Click here.

You see the energy, curiosity and drama of teens, and all you see is potential. Click here.

You know first impressions are lasting impressions, and you love to make people feel welcome and comfortable. Click here.

You like to work behinds the scenes to make things really happen. Click here.

You are a designer at heart, and your canvas is the computer. Photoshop and InDesign are your therapy. Click here.

You love to write, edit, and proofread or otherwise help organizations communicate better. Click here.

You are already connected at church, and you're looking for ways to volunteer in the community. Click here.