Most of the time when we want to know about a church, we really want to know about the programs, the values, the vision. We want to know what a church has and where it is going to ensure we fit. This isn’t wrong; it just isn’t the way we look at things as a community of faith.

    At Union Center, we are learning to think about church as family, a people deeply connected to and on a journey with one another. In this family, there are all manner and sorts of people, none of whom is perfect. Like any family, sometimes things get messy, but that is part of being family. We keep going, keep journeying, keep coming together because we are connected and we need one another.

    This is really who we are and who we are becoming at Union Center, family. What connects us is our life with and pursuit of Jesus. For us, this is a pursuit which is about more than thinking the right thoughts. It is about living the right life, a fully human life which Jesus lived and has made possible. Sure, we have programs. We have values, some so dear we would do anything to be true to them. We are going somewhere, but in the end, all of it is done as family.

    We invite you to poke around on our website to get a flavor of who we are, but if you really want to know us, come and sit down with us. Share a cup of coffee. Laugh over a meal. Join us as we worship. Come and be family.