Union Center Christian Church is a group of people who are seeking to create space to practice the way of Jesus through rhythms of engaging with God, journeying together, and spreading hope. 

    We don't pretend to have everything together, but we do want to faithfully follow Jesus alongside each other in the Southern Tier. Church can often feel like an unsafe environment, so we strive to create a space where people feel safe to be honest with themselves, with God, and with others. In that space we want to hold tightly to the person of Jesus and his word while also recognizing that we are are called to this cultural moment. We welcome everybody to our gathering, and especially seek to make sure that those who are doubting or hurting can feel like they belong. To learn more about our mission, vision, and values, check out more info here


    Who can attend?

    Anyone can join us. None of us are perfect, and we don't pretend to be.

    What should I wear?

    Whatever you'd normally wear! We have a wide range of dress styles on a Sunday morning. Wear whatever makes you feel most like yourself.

    What should I bring?

    Just yourself and anyone who's coming with you. We will have warm coffee and tea in our cafe area, that you can take coffee into the service if that makes you feel more comfortable.

    Is there space for kids?

    At the back of our lobby, you'll find the entrance to Shepherd's Town. Children from birth-5th grade are welcome to attend an age appropriate classroom, with trained volunteers who take care for children with special needs or traumatized backgrounds. Every child is welcome. Safety is of utmost importance to us, both emotional and physical safety. For that reason, every child must be checked in at arrival and then the parent or guardian must present a matching code upon pick up. (And if the weather is nice enough, make sure to head out to our playground after the service!)

    What is the music like?

    We begin and end our services with music. We use many modern worship songs, and an occasional hymn. Our musicians lead us into worship with piano, guitars, and drums.

    What is the preaching like?

    At Union Center, you'll most likely hear from our pastor. However, we have a wonderful teaching team, made up of men and women, who are all incredibly gifted at sharing God's word in their own unique voice. We believe that having a diversity of voices is healthy for every local church. We also recognize that people are wholistically created in the image of God. For that reason, we don't just care about the logical and spiritual side of our humanity. We also care about the emotional side. Our preaching and teaching seeks to be both biblically grounded and trauma informed.