Our Covenant Values

    Grace Filled Community
    In community, people are honest with one another. We don’t need to pretend we’re better or worse than we really are. We strive for a community that extends grace, where we’re willing to hear and speak the truth to one another in love, and we learn to combine our unique personalities and abilities to become the whole body that Jesus describes.
    Gospel Humility
    Gospel humility is an attitude that causes us to submit to one another and to listen intently to godly counsel. On the one hand, it prompts us to be gentle and forgiving, and to admit when we’re wrong. On the other, it prompts us to walk in spirit-led boldness. Gospel humility requires a healthy self-assessment. It liberates a person to pursue God’s way of living—regardless of the interpretation of others.
    Freedom in Christ
    Jesus came to free us from all the effects of our sin and to heal us from our wounds. Only Jesus is able to heal us, and only he can free us from the sin that controls us, whether the sin is the result of emotional wounding, self-destructive thought patterns or habits, or the result of oppression from demonic beings. We can develop coping skills to manage the sin that controls us, but only Jesus has the power to release us to walk in freedom from their control.
    Dependent Prayer
    God doesn’t answer prayer; he answers desperate prayer. That doesn’t mean we contrive a constant state of anxiety. It means we have a clear understanding of what’s at stake, and we’re aware that without God’s blessing, wisdom, and direction, we’re a mess. A covenant commitment to prayer means that there are times we refuse to accept that God is done answering us, and we’re bold enough to wait and wrestle with God until he answers.
    Intentional Outreach
    We are committed to intentional outreach in three different ways: personally, congregationally, and globally. Personally, we reach out to people when we spread the message of Jesus through our conversations and our actions. Congregationally, we partner with existing organizations and pursue new opportunities that will extend the message of Jesus to our community. Globally, we commission missionaries to represent us around the world as they take the message of Jesus to people we may never meet until we get to heaven.

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