Our Mission, Vision and Values


    We create space to practice the ways of Jesus by: Engaging with God, journeying together, and spreading hope.


    We envision being a people of God, rooted in His Love, a beacon of light in the darkness. We embody and declare His love by spreading hope that builds a joy filled community impacting every neighbor here and throughout the world.


    We value joyful commitment to Jesus, reliance on the Holy Spirit and trust in our Father with all our heart, soul and mind.

    We value our relationships with one another, sharing life together and pursuing true peace as God’s family.

    We value and love all people made in God’s image by living out God’s grace in word and action.

    We value our vulnerability to a sovereign God, where we surrender our lives daily to Him and one another.

    We value intentional, sacrificial, faith-filled actions that achieve our purpose of embodying God’s love to every neighbor.

    We value the community where we are called to live and seek to build partnerships that spread hope locally and throughout the world.