Care Ministries

    At one time or another, every one of us finds ourselves in a time of need. Our needs range from physical needs in times of illness to financial needs in times of stress, emotional and spiritual needs to a helping hand when things are too much for us on our own. But, where do we turn to have our needs met? We turn to God who promises to meet our every need and to His people through whom we experience the gracious provision of God.

    If you are in need, we want to be God’s hands and feet for you. Below you will find descriptions of different needs we experience. We encourage you to click on the appropriate area of need in order to discover how you can experience the meeting of these needs.

    Soul Care—help when we are hurting, stuck, or in need of guidance

    Spiritual Direction and Guidance

    Sometimes we feel lost on the journey of faith, or we discover that we need help in making sense of what God is up to or if he is even there. At Union Center, we want to journey with you, helping you discover where God is and how you can follow him. If you find yourself in need of direction, we will sit with you and work together to help you find your way. Please contact us.


    We want to support our church family in prayer. How can we pray for you as you seek God? Let us know if we can pray for you by contacting us.

    Sickness or Hospitalization—help when we experience illness

    We all get sick. We have to have that “procedure” or surgery. Our bodies fail us for a season or for the foreseeable future. In these times, we need encouragement, prayer, and sometimes help with things like dinner and cleaning the house. At Union Center, we are here to minister to you in your times of sickness and hospitalization. When you are sick or in the hospital, you can contact us and we will ensure your needs are met to the best of our abilities.

    Finances—help with financial issues and resources

    Finances. The word can feel oppressive. Sometimes we discover that we simply don’t have enough resources to meet our needs or we want to know how to better manage what we have in a way that honors God. At Union Center, we want to help ensure you experience the meeting of your needs and learn how to steward what resources God has given you. If you want more information, please contact us.

    Food—help when food resources are needed

    Our Community Hunger Outreach Warehouse (CHOW®) food pantry is open to all and is intended to provide food to those who find themselves in need, no questions asked. The pantry will be open every Tuesday from 4-6:30 pm. All members of the family of faith at Union Center as well as the larger community are invited to come as needed.

    Helping Hands—help when the job is too much

    Sometimes the job is simply too big or the task too tough for us to do it on our own. At Union Center we believe that being family means we pitch in to lend a hand when it is needed. Our Handyman Ministry existed to provide help with things like general maintenance and repairs or a helping hand when a strong back is needed. When you need a helping hand, please contact us.

    Marriage—help to start or continue on the journey of marriage

    Whether you are thinking about getting married or your marriage needs a tune up (or maybe a major repair!), we want to help. At Union Center, you will find people who are trained to help you prepare for the wonderful journey of marriage or work with you to get back to that experience of a joyous marriage. If you would like help with your marriage or someone to work with you to ensure you are prepared for marriage please contact us.

    Loss and Grief—help when things fall apart

    Sometimes we lose. We lose a friend, a spouse, a dream. Losing hurts. We are here to support you in your times of loss and grief, coming alongside you to comfort, guide, and give you hope. If you need help in your time of loss please contact us.