Join The Journey

    The Bible tells us God’s story. It reveals who He is and what He is doing in the world. In order to know God more and experience the life He meant for us, we get to know what the Bible says.

    Tips for reading the Bible

    • Pray. Remember God is with you, and ask Him to teach you today.
    • Read. Take in the passage. Read in your Bible, or listen to an audio version.
    • Grasp. Summarize the passage in your own words.
    • Think. What does it reveal about who God is, who you are, or how to live?
    • Respond. What do you want to say to God, or do with God in response?


    Next Steps


    Union Center Christian Church practices baptism by immersion as an expression of the believer’s faith and new life in Christ. Opportunities for baptism are usually provided two times per year at the 10:00 a.m. worship service.

    We believe that one of the first steps Jesus wants His followers to take is baptism.

    • We take this step because Jesus commanded it (Matthew 28.19-20)
    • Baptism is one of the first acts of showing our obedience to Jesus
    • Baptism is an easy way to tell others that we have chosen to become a follower of Jesus and that we have experienced His forgiveness of Sin and become new people (2 Corinthians 5.16-21)

    Want to know more? Check out our Baptism FAQ's or contact us

    Who should be baptized?

    We believe that everyone who begins a lifelong loving relationship with Jesus as the sole leader of his/her life should be baptized.

    How can I be baptized?

    Come to one of our Baptism Orientations to learn about baptism here at Union Center. After the Orientation attend our two-part Baptism at Union Center small group. In this group we help equip you to take next steps on your life-changing relationship with Jesus.

    What comes next?

    Baptism is only the first step of a lifelong love relationship with Jesus as the sole leader of our life. We want to help you take the next step of this journey.

    Following Jesus

    We are invited to trust Jesus with our whole life and follow Him. This is not an invitation to simply add him to our current life. It is a call to journey towards a transformed life!

    Following Jesus is a big “yes” followed by a journey of thousands of other yes’. It is bigger than a one-time prayer, or Sunday attendance. It is an invitation to journey with God towards a transformed life.


    Are you interested in becoming a covenant member of Union Center Christian Church? We place a high value on church membership and consider it a significant step in a believer’s life.

    We invite you to explore this section on church membership and hope you will feel encouraged to begin the process.

    The Membership Process

    • Step 1—Exploring Union Center Christian Church

      The first step is to participate in our Membership class. You will learn about the mission, ministries, and unique qualities of Union Center Christian Church. You will also have the opportunity to meet with and hear from some of the Pastors, Elders, staff, and key ministry leaders.

      Please contact the church office to find out when our next class will be held. We welcome new members to our church family during our Sunday morning services.

    • Step 2—Submitting the Application

      The next step is to complete and submit your membership application wherein you confirm your commitment to our membership covenant expectations.

    • Step 3—The Membership Interview

      Upon receipt of your application by the church office, you will be contacted to schedule an interview. During the interview, you will have the opportunity to discuss key membership topics and any other questions you may have.

    • Step 4—The Celebration

      In the final step of the membership process, you will be publicly recognized during a Sunday morning worship service. As a new church member, you will be introduced to the congregation, acknowledge your commitment, and be welcomed to our church family.

    Membership Covenant

    1. I will love, honor, and obey Jesus Christ above all else in my life.
    2. I will engage in spiritual disciplines that will encourage my following of Jesus Christ (i.e.: prayer, reading and meditating on passages in the Bible, participating in corporate worship, etc.).
    3. I will begin to tithe 10% of my income now, or will make financial decisions to take steps towards tithing 10% in the future.
    4. I will use the history, passions, and spiritual gifts that God has given me to serve others.
    5. I will take steps to know and be known by others in the Union Center family.